Friday, May 15, 2015

What is Logic ?

What is Logic ?

(Date written : 16 May 2015)
(Last updated : 19 May 2015)

1) Let us define what Logic means a bit.  Before that let us understand the behaviour of logic. Every human being who has the ability to think has different logic. And every human being is different because all of them has different Knowledge and Assumptions.

2) The definition of Assumption is whenever people are just guessing and FOLLOW whatever is being said by other people, or INDUCED their own thinking, without validating with reasons - the answers to questions why, what, how, where and when.

3) The definition of logic is when something is Understood satisfying the Reasons with Evidences based on the answers. When someone understand something, then they have knowledge. If someone doesn't understand something, then it is not called knowledge but it is called assumption. And the real BELIEVER is when they BELIEVE on the Knowledge that they have. A person is not called a Believer if he relies on his or other people ASSUMPTIONS or a matter of FACT Opinion (based on Assumptions). Opinions will easily lose to Knowledge. This is called ASTRAY. Believe in something without solid evidence and this is called Perception. Evidence appears only in Knowledge because Understanding needs Evidence.

4) Then, based on above, logic to each individual always is based on one's knowledge on anything. There should be no arguments or less arguments among people if they have the same knowledge because their logic will be the same.

5) The problem in this world is because when knowledge is face-to-faced with Assumptions and the other people thought that it is knowledge but in actual fact, it is not. This is where we have argument because Knowledge is the Truth and Assumptions LIE Or Not The Truth.

6) In order to Understand something, we must Ask and we must Read. We must read and research and continue doing that until it satisfies with our Logic - our Logic needs Reasons to answer.

7) Because it is the responsibility of everyone to use their mind to think and find the REASONS, they should continue to READ. There are MANY Answers to QUESTIONS can only be FOUND in the Books of Revelation, and at this era, it is called The Quran. Everything is explained inside there, without a doubt and you can FIND EVIDENCES to satisfy your Logic. Please extend your reading to find more INFORMATION because in the Book of Revelation, everything has been EXPLAINED in DETAILS. Do not be the Follower of Assumptions because it can never satisfy your Logic.


Allah is All-Knowing.


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