Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Difference between Learning and Following

Difference between Learning and Following

(Date written : 20 May 2015)

We can learn from any Books, or people who seems to be scholar - but WE may not AGREE with him (or FOLLOW him) because it does not satisfy with our REASONS, ie because we learned from Reading  Books or at school (science, physics, etc) and listen from other knowledgeable people (ULAMA or Scholars) that have different interpretation -

Last time it was big issue in 1970s where the Science believes  that it is not the Sun that orbitting the Earth but it is Earth that orbit the Sun.

I remember during my kid's time - I was confused. I was told in Islamic Teaching someting that is different from what I learned in Science.

This is WHERE we must apply our LOGIC and REASONING by continue RESEARCHING by reading more books of Physics plus Reading and Research the true meaning of The Words of Al-Quran itself, plus asking many other Ulama if we dont understand. We must FIND the truth. Which one is correct?

This SEPARATES us from the JEWS or the CHRISTIANS because they BELIEVE what was written in their Book THAT has been tampered, is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

We, on the other hand, HAVE EVIDENCE that satisfy with our LOGIC that Al-QURAN is proven 100% correct all THE TIME WITHOUT any Contradiction in any VERSE at All - hence our logic says it is the Science that is IMMATURED.

WE cannot simply believe what the so called Scholars says plus we cannot simply believe what one Physics theory says, plus for Jews or Christians or other religion who HAS their own book; they must NOT BELIEVE BLINDLY what their Books say.

The Amazing NO CONTRADICTION in Al-Quran proves that it must be the BOOK of ALLAH; while other books are NOT - they are man-made from opinions and Assumptions of their so-called SCHOLARS  - called RABBI or Priests (or whatever). We MUST not be like them. Blindly trust the interpretation of their (or our) Scholars!

The WORDS of Allah increase OUR BELIEVE (IMAN - ZADATHUM IMANA) in Allah because it SATISFIES with our LOGIC and further understanding of the UNIVERSE (Allah asks to OBSERVE ALL His Creations), EVERY single THINGS CONCUR with what Allah says in Al-Quran UNTIL we can DEDUCE 100% that if Physics says one thing and The Quran another thing - it is The Quran will always the HAQ or Stand Corrected.

Further understanding of Quran = verse of Allah never says that The Sun orbitting the Earth rather 'swimming in its course'.

Further understanding the REAL MEANING of verse of Al-Quran shows that the earth also 'rotates and swims'.

The so called Scholars who never study speed of light, who never understand TELESCOPE, who never study SCIENCE, will never understand the meaning when Allah mentioned about '1 day equivalent to 1000 years' and in another verse Allah mentioned '1 day equivalent to 50000 years' (which some Kafir says Quran is Contradictory).

What does Allah mean by that ? It took me 5 years to really understand the meaning of these verses from researching and reading many PHYSICS book, where ; when I asked Many ULAMA including Egypt MUFTI - they said they dont know!  And they ask me - to go and ASK from whom that have the Knowledge!

We cannot deny Science study neither (NEVER) we can deny the THE ALQURAN.

Various Ulama or Knowledgeable people in ISLAM must NOT only STICK with the ASSUMPTIONS that is not verified by EVIDENCE by their so called 'ABAA ANA' or FOREFATHERS or actually it means INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE or actually it means THE so-called Prominent Ulama of the past. We must become ULAMA ourselves or KNOWLEDGEABLE ourselves by READING, RESEARCHING, asking All kinds of KNOWLEDGE in this world - including SCIENCE.

With all that being said - my last point is, what happened so far in Muslim Community is that - we HAVE ABANDONED the Al-Quran! (Al-Quran also mentioned about this).

Instead, we rely completely on TAKWIL of so and so Ulama and believe whatever they say is CORRECT without VERIFYING.

There are a lot to be UNDERSTOOD in the QURAN if we really TAFSIR by TADABBUR each meaning of the words used by Allah and then you will understand HOW those TAKWIL (Induced Interpretation) is so far away from the REAL MEANING of the verse of Allah.

Read and UNDERSTAND Al-Quran brothers and sisters. IT IS irrefutable and has NO CONTRADICTION at All. IT is TRULY the Book of Guidance.

The Only Book that we are ASKED to FOLLOW.

Please TADABBUR the words of Allah one by one and May Allah Al-Mighty TEACH and GUIDE us to the REAL KNOWLEDGE and hence, change our LOGIC!


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