Friday, May 15, 2015

Matter does not Exist

Matter does not Exist

(Date written : 16 May 2015)

1) One of the findings of Quantum Physics is MATTER does not exist. Objects that we see OUT THERE is called 'Waves Collapsing to Particles' and it is due to CONCIUSNESS.

2) Now this Conciusness is not our Conciusness or your conciusness, but is non-local or or it is actually ONE CONCIUSNESS.

3) That ONE CONCIUSNESS that we all 'have' is the one that 'Collapse the Waves into Particles that we perceived as MATTER'.

4) From where can we understand what this Conciusness is ? Human beings should understand that NO other EXPLANATION can be found on the INFORMATION that we have to UNDERSTAND this ONE CONCIUSNESS, except This ONE CONCIUSNESS EXPLAINS HIMSELF.

This is where again, we need to FIND those EXPLANATION to the Information by Reading and UNDERSTANDING and from Evidences from the Book that is NOT MAN-MADE, so that we have the LIGHTS to shine on those Information that we see all around us to convert those INFORMATION to become KNOWLEDGE.

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