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The Definition of Words that Affect our Life

The DEFINITION of Words that affect our Life.

(Date written : 27 June 2015)

● Thinking is finding the answers to the questions in our Mind. Thinking involves asking questions of Why, What, How, When and Where.

● Thinking creates Understanding Because it provides evidence to Logic. Once Understand, Information becomes Knowledge. For information to become Knowledge, there are many interrelated information need to be gathered and analyze to satisfy the questions. Knowledge always has evidence to backup its statement. Hence, Knowledge is The Truth.

● Stupid is Not Knowing. Not Knowing comes from being Ignorant or simply Naive and Young. Ignorance is a character of a person who dont want to think; or simply ignore information.

● Ignorance creates Assumptions. Assumptions are mere guessing. Some Assumptions are based on some known information combined with unknown information. Hence, it is still guessing and hence it is still far from The Truth.

● Being A Muslim which means Surrender, is not as simple as saying or reciting the Syahadah Kalimah only. A Muslim is beyond that. A Muslim must first have Knowledge, which means Understanding of Informations.

● Muslim means People that Surrender or Submit themselves to The Source of Peace (As-Salam). As-Salam is The Name of The God or Allah.

● Surrender means Acceptance of what manifested from The Source of Peace.

● The People who Surrender (Muslim) is not the same as the people who Believe.

● To differentiate an Act of Believe vs an Act of Surrender, we must understand what human being is composed of.

● Human being composes of Physical, Soul and Spirit. Within a human being those 3 components co-exists.

● The physical body of a human being is what being manisfested and seen by the Soul. Any physical and alive form, have Soul inside them.

● The Spirit is a being that is the source of the Soul. Whithout the Spirit in our body, there will be no Soul.

● The Soul (An-Nafs) has 3 tools  - Hearing, Seeing and Feeling.

● Awareness is a State of becoming Aware of Self.

● Awareness is an Output of a Process, which receive input from Sensors or Senses; which apart from Hearing and Seeing, there are touch sensors which are the skins; and smell sensors; which produce feeling and emotions, after it is being processed by Processor called the Heart.

● It is the Heart that does the Thinking. Thinking is a process of finding the answers to the questions if no knowledge; Thinking is also a process that compare whatever events happening around us and compare with the stored Knowledge in our Mind and produces the Feeling, Emotions or Actions. This is part of the process of Awareness.

● Every Soul has Desires. Desire without Knowledge will lead people to Astray because without Knowledge; Assumptions take place. Assumption is False. Knowledge is the Truth.

● The Soul that is Purified will Witness what the Spirit has Witnessed. The Soul can only be Purified by having Understood the True Knowledge from the Book of Revelation.

● The Spirit has Witnessed The God; that there is no God except The God or Allah or Only One God.

● Realization comes from Purification of Soul from all the Dirty Desires and Whispers in our Mind.

● Whispers in our Mind are all the non-stop voices in our mind; constantly; from the moment we wake up in the early morning till the moment we are about to sleep that always analyzes every events happen in our daily live. These whispers in our mind or voices in our mind often produce stress, worry, anger and frustration.

● These Whispers are actually not from the Soul itself. It is External from another being, called Devil or Syaitan.

● Remembering or focussing Attention to The One, is the Enemy of these Whispers in our Mind.

● The One that need to be Remembered or Focused Attention has no Form, no shape, no visualization, no comparison to any being or things, no beginning no ending, HE is just there, close to us, exists without reason, and can only be achieved by Purified Awareness. This is the Most Important Task of Every Soul, all the time, every single day, till the Soul is out of the physical body.

● Conciusness is Purified Awareness. It is purified because it is the same Awareness of the Spirit (Ar-Ruh).

● When the Soul has achieved Purification, it can Witness the God by Conciusness, and the Soul will have no worry and no grieve. Witness in this case is not seeing or visualizing. It is a state of Conciusness. It is at this state that the Soul is regarded to have Believed. Without Witnessing, there will be no Believe. No one can truly be called A Believer if he had not witnessed the Evidence.

● The purpose of Prayer (Solah) is to Remember Allah or The God.  The purpose of Fasting is to become Aware of Allah Or The God. Allah does not need food and drinks to be Alive.

● The act of Worship comes from Invoking (YAD'U), Remembrance (ZIKR), Awareness (TAQWA) and Exalting (TASBIH) The God or Allah. It is the Soul that is Responsible to Worship the Only One Who Truly Exist; The Source of Every Single Things and Beings.


La ilaha illa anta. Subhanaka. Inni kuntu minazz°olimin.

May we all have CONNECTION with Allah.


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